bustle - for web culture 

den of geeks us - for geeky stuff, including Teen Wolf recaps and Outlander news and recaps. 

tom’s guide - for online T.V. news

sheknows - for their ‘Living’ and ‘Love’ beats

mtvnews.com - for pop culture news

xojane.com - for personal essays including the weekly series, ‘Dispatches From The Prozac Rabbit Hole ’ and ‘Crushed’¬†

the-toast.net - for ‘Cut From The Classics’

barnes & noble blog - for literary fun stuff

sparklife via sparknotes - for funny teens

thehairpin.com - for ‘Get The Look’

jezebel.com - for more lady stuff

wetpaint.com - for by-the-book entertainment and recaps

TheStir.com - for way too much stuff about reality TV

zimbio.com - for slightly-less-by-the-book entertainment and recaps

conversationswithelmo.tumblr.com - for weird fictive cat adventures

fempop.com - for ‘The Batman Project’, television writing, and cultural criticism